We need as many voices as possible to spread the word that dementia is not a normal part of ageing. It’s a condition that can and will be tackled through collective action. Joining GADAA is free and your commitment is welcome – big or small.

The Global Alzheimer’s & Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA) is open to international civil society organisations seeking to champion global action on dementia.

By simply joining the GADAA network you will be demonstrating your support for action against dementia. By spreading the word via your networks you can help amplify the message even further. You may be able to share in-kind support, knowledge and ideas; perhaps seek to work on joint initiatives with other GADAA members. Through the GADAA network we aim to champion global action on dementia and to support NGOs in responding.

Every 3 seconds someone around the world develops dementia. Both the human and financial cost of dementia make it a core health, rights and development issue that can no longer be ignored.

Download more information: GADAA – Harnessing the power of civil society

To join GADAA contact: Amy Little, GADAA Executive Lead